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A Page All About Me

Welcome to this webpage
I have collected a few pictures of myself and family

Personal    information

This is for all you nosey people out there.
My age is 28, I am from Indiana.
Yeap, you guessed it I am "Home grown"
I guess you could say I have the best of both worlds
My mothers family are city folk
My fathers family are farmers
I am happily married to a wonderful man
Picture of us is linked below
I am the oldest of three
I have a 25 year old brother
We can just call him BUTTHEAD and
a 14 year old sister who I call Munchkin
This is also her chat name
Unfortunatly I have no children of my own
However, I am raising my 14 year old niece
who I lovingly call Runt

I love to meet people on-line
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Links to my pictures

My Hubby and me in Florida:
Me at my old job:
My Georgous niece:
More of my niece:
My sissy (better picture) see she is beautiful:
Another of my sissy:
Me on Daytona Beach:
My Nieces modeling headshot:
Another modeling shot of my niece:
Yet Another
My nieces latest headshot....My Favorite!!:
Coke-a-cola shot:
I will be adding another link soon to "Skie's"
online portfolio
If you are interested in contacting her agent
Please just e-mail me

My   Interests

I am a very active person
For 40 hours each week I work in the buying dept. for a food chain.
This is new for me. For the past six years
I was the manager of a clothing store.
Needless to say, I love my work hours better now.
When I am not at work, I love to swim in my pool,
play with my two dogs(Shelby and AngleBell)
I love to fish, camp, boat,workout,play on the computer
chat,chat and chat some more
I enjoy sports Gymnastic's is my favorite(ex-gymnast myself)vollyball,diving,and I love to watch pro football.
Please stop on my Pet Peeves Page and sign my guest book
I love to hear from people who stumble onto my webpages

This # of people have graced this page since June 16,1998