This little fellow is called a Pet Peeve
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***In the mean time***
read what really honks me off
and rememeber
not to do these things

I   AM   YELLING   CAN   YOU   HEAR   ME!!!!!!

Are there things that happen in this world that really get your goat?
There are for me!
If you have any Pet Peeves of your own
that you would like to see added
just e-mail them to me
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#1 I hate it when people assume that all blondes are dumb.
That just because you are young and attractive
That you must not be experienced enough to do the job

#2 When someone uses your bathroom and leaves the door open for all to see.
#3 When you are driving through
miles and miles of road construction
and you see 50 workers not working
Then a sign that says "your tax dollars at work"
#4 When you are in the fast lane behind a car
who is driving next to the car in the slow lane
and will not speed up or get over
#5 When you just got all undressed
climed into the tub after a long day
and therings
#6 When you come to a stop light next to some kid with his
radio up so loud you can not hear yours
P.S. You just know his baggy pants are hanging around his knees too.
#7 When you park your car under a tree to keep it cool
and bird's crap all over it
#8 When you had a really bad day
and you get behind a school bus that stops every block
and the brats in the back are making faces at you
Come on now he is just annoying

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